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We offer a range of premier in-home and community-based support services to meet your needs. From personal and domestic support, respite assistance. specialist support coordination and recovery roaching, we have you covered. With IES you will be valued as a unique individual, with our team working to ensure that you are supported to meet your goals and needs. 

Personal & Domestic

We provide a range of domestic supports and personal assistance including domestic cleaning, personal care, nursing supports, support with shopping, paying bills, doing laundry, our specialised team can support you.

Community & Social

We provide a range of community and social supports, from care assisted travel, support at events, special outings, appointments, running errands and more. In addition, you can access a unique range of social programs and activities to help you feel more connected.

Support Coordination

Our team of Support Coordinators are ready to help you get the most out of your support package. Get the support that you need and deserve with our teams holistic approach to empowering you to meet your goals and care needs.

Recovery Coaching

We our proud to have a team of exceptional and experienced individuals providing Recovery Coaching to our valued clients. Our team will help you meet your recovery goals and needs, whilst focusing on empowering you to live the life that you deserve.

Specialist Coordination

If you require a little extra support, we have a team of Specialist Support Coordinators ready to help you. Our Specialist Coordinators work with you to make your life easier, and support you to overcome any barriers you my be facing in meeting your goals and care needs.

Respite Assistance

We provide a range of specifically designed respite assistance to suit your needs from emergency and overnight respite to weekend and long-term options, we have what you need to take a break. We work with you to ensure that your respite is planned around your unique goals and care needs.

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