Most frequent questions and answers about IES

Integration & Empowerment Services (IES) are an Aged Care and Disability Service provider located within the Ellenbrook region. We provide a combination of community-based social services and premium in-home services to the elderly, people with disabilities, their carers and their families across the Perth Metro Area.

The organisation is a support hub for the vibrant community of Ellenbrook and surrounds. We promote inclusion and independence through our inclusive, innovative, sustainable programs and wrap-around services, which cultivate physical, cognitive, mental, cultural and emotional well-being.

Our core values support the organisation’s vision, shape its culture and reflect the essence of our principles, philosophy, mission and identity. Further, our values reflect our desire to achieve the following:

  • Respect for people as participants and groups,
  • Improve the quality of life of clients, families, carers and communities,
  • To be guided by legal and ethical frameworks,
  • To operate competently,
  • To encourage creativity and initiative,
  • Promote inclusion and encourage participation.
  • Honesty and transparency,
  • Visionary thinking
  • Individuality, diversity and equality
  • Independence and professionalism
  • Community, connection, cooperation, coordination and collaboration
  • Setting achievable goals and working towards them

Our services will be delivered across various suburbs to assist individuals requiring supports post COVID-19. Whilst IES is based in Ellenbrook, WA we offer support services to individuals across many suburbs. Contact us today to see how we can support you. Phone (08) 6297 0737. 

We are committed to providing flexible, culturally appropriate aged care, disability and respite assistance. Our personalised services include but are not limited to:

  • Case Management,
  • Community and social support 
  • Psychosocial Recovery Coaching
  • Social programs and activities,
  • Support Coordination,
  • Personal assistance 
  • Health assistance,
  • Domestic support 
  • Gardening and maintenance,
  • Care assisted travel,
  • Respite assistance 

* Please note that IES require a minimum of 2 hours for some of our supports. Click here for a breakdown of our services or contact us our friendly team on (08) 6297 0737 for more information on how we can support you. Alternatively, you can fill out our Contact Form or email us at [email protected] and we will get back to you!

To be eligible to access our services, you must be a person with disability or an older individual requiring basic support services through to high support services; services that aim to maintain your health and/or enhance your ability to function independently within the home and fully and effectively participate in society on an equal basis. You must reside within our servicing region, be able to afford services or meet the criteria for access as determined by National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) or My Age Care (or future subsidy/funding) and satisfy our guidelines (via individual assessment) for each of our services, programs or activities.

IES provides services to individuals who are:

  • In receipt of a Home Care Package (HCP Level 1-4) or want and are eligible to apply to be subsidised by My Aged Care,
  • In receipt of a subsidy provided through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) or want and are eligible to apply to be subsidised by NDIS,
  • Already engaged with our services and want to ‘top up’ their existing Support Plan by paying for additional services,
  • Needing a fee-per-service option because they are not eligible for subsidies or funding through My Aged Care or NDIS.

To access our programs and services or for a chat with our friendly staff about how we can support you, you can complete our contact form, email us at, call us on (08) 6297 0737, or drop by the office at: Integration and Empowerment Services Level 1 Suite 1/38 Main Street, Ellenbrook 6069.

If you need a provider or wish to leave your current provider, we can help you transition. The first step is to contact us to organise an appointment and the next step will be to contact your existing provider and let them know you wish to exit their service and commence with our service. They will give you a cessation date and then you should contact our friendly team so that we can help you transition to our services as smoothly and quickly as possible. Contact us on (08) 6297 0737, via our online enquiry form or via our email [email protected].

Please view the pricing section in our main menu under the heading ‘support’ or contact us for more information on (08) 6297 0737, our online contact form or via email at [email protected] so that we can help with your pricing enquiry.

NDIS participants are generally not required to pay exit fees, even when changing providers part way through their Support Plan. My Age Care clients will only be charged a $200 exit fee if there is $200 or more remaining (unspent funds) in their package.To view our fees and service charges click here. 

Contributions are calculated by the government and are based on what you can afford. If you are having difficulty paying the required fees, you can ask to be considered for financial hardship assistance. Each case is considered on a personal basis. For a financial hardship application to be considered:

You must have assets less than 1.5 times the annual age pension (plus pension supplements),
You must not have gifted more than $10,000 in the last year or $30,000 in the last five years,
You must have had your income assessed in accordance with the Aged Care Act 1997.

To apply for financial hardship assistance, you or your representative need to complete an application form and submit the completed form to DHS. You can get a copy of the form from the DHS website or by calling 1800 227 475. More information on current total amounts can also be found on the My Aged Care website.

Respite assistance can provide you, your family or carer with a short break by providing you with additional support and relief. Planned or unplanned, we can help support you on a one-off basis, regular weekly breaks, short holidays or emergencies. We all need a break sometimes; it is important for your family and carers to take care of their health so that they can continue to support you.

For more information on our respite assistance or to have a discussion about how our respite assistance can help you, your family and carers please contact us on (08) 6297 0737, via our online enquiry form or via email [email protected].

In-home assistance includes a variety of support services to help empower you to live as independently as possible and remain in your own home. Services provided via in-home support will depend on your needs, choices and Support Plan. These include but are not limited to:

  • Domestic Support: Cleaning and other domestic duties,
  • Gardening and Maintenance: General gardening and home maintenance,
  • Personal Assistance: Showering, dressing and grooming,
  • Health Assistance: Nutrition, wound care, medication support and rehabilitation,
  • Social support: Social activities, shopping, doing puzzles.

For more information on our in-home support services and pricing, please contact us on (08) 6297 0737, via our online enquiry form bellow or via our email [email protected]

* Please note that IES charges a minimum of 2 hours for some supports. For more information, please enquire today!

Respite services provided by IES are complemented by access to unplanned short-term and emergency respite services currently provided through the Commonwealth Respite and Carelink Centres (CRCCs). CRCCs provide a link to carer support services and assist carers with options to take a break through unplanned short-term and emergency respite, based on priority and assessed need. Centres can be contacted by phoning 1800 052 222 during business hours or 1800 059 059 for emergency respite support outside of standard business hours.  For more information please contact us.

We would love to help! If you have any questions about NDIS or My Aged Care please visit the links underlined. or contact us for more information on (08) 6297 0737, use our online contact form or via email at [email protected] so that we can help with you.

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